This page contains information about the current situation with COVID-19 recovery in Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

Last update: 2020-07-05T08:36:50.5170000

Do I have to wear a facemask at Norwegian airports?

No, but some airlines require all passengers to use face masks on board. Please pay attention to information from your airline. Travelers cannot rely on face masks being distributed by the airlines or being available at Avinor’s airports.

Is there any kind of health check or temperature check for passengers?

No health check or temperature check is carried out at Norwegian airports. Avinor follows the advice from national health authorities and these are measures that are not recommended. However, airlines can choose to carry out temperature measurements on their own initiative, so we encourage passengers to pay attention to information from your airline.

Can I still pick up someone at the airport?

Yes, you can pick up passengers as usual, but some local airports may have their own rules. Remember that if the ones you pick up come from abroad, quarantine rules apply. We encourage all visitors to practice infection prevention advice. Keep your distance, have good hand hygiene, and stay at home if you are sick.

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