This page contains information about the current situation with COVID-19 recovery in Malpensa International Airport.

Last update: 2020-06-05T13:42:09.8430000

Following the reopening of Linate Prime general aviation passenger flights on May 8, Milano Prime recorded a recovery in traffic on its Linate and Malpensa airports compared to the previous weeks (+ 16% of movements in May 18-24 week): a recovery that should benefit from the gradual easing of movement restrictions.

Since the beginning of COVID-19 emergency, SEA Prime has always worked providing basic necessities, such as ambulance flights and repatriation of Italian citizens from abroad, and implementing preventive measures, in compliance with the regulations issued by the Authorities. SEA Prime’s main priority during this period was the management of operations, dedicating the utmost protection to the health of passengers, crews, operators, and colleagues.

SEA Prime has implemented several measures to deal with the pandemic, following the 4D strategy:

  • Distancing: rigorous protocols for social distancing in common and non-common areas, separation of the flows of passengers on arrival and departure, protective screens on the workstations.

  • Disinfection: deep cleaning and sanitization of terminals, offices, vehicles, and surfaces, in addition to the installation of sanitizing gel dispensers.

  • Devices: personnel equipped with protective devices (masks and gloves) and the obligation to wear the mask correctly inside the terminals. Body temperature control for all those who access the terminals.

  • Digitization: smart working for administrative staff and complete digitization of travel documentation. Digital displays showing the rules of anti-contagion behavior placed in both terminals to ensure clarity and respect.

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