Recovery from coronavirus* 82%
Peak date*: 8/2/2020

This page contains information about the current situation with COVID-19 recovery in Mexico.

Last update: 2020-08-25T16:53:49.4370000

Mexico’s airports and seaports remain open.
The US and Mexico have agreed to prohibit all but “essential crossings” at the land border until at least August 20th, 2020—and the US State Department has advised all its citizens not to travel abroad.
States and municipalities will determine how and when they restart social, educational, and economic activities. For example, this is Mexico City’s outline plan:

  • From June 1st, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and moving services may resume, provided they adhere to ‘social distancing’ rules;
  • From June 15th, restaurants, department stores, (operating at only 1/3rd of their full capacity), professional services, theaters and cinemas, sporting events (with no live spectators), medical services, and public-facing government offices may resume activities;
  • From August, some schools might return, and workers in corporate offices may be allowed to return to their workplaces; government offices which are not public-facing may also return to work this month;
  • From September, schools and universities may return to classes on-campus, bars and nightclubs might be allowed to reopen, gymnasiums and massage services might also resume;
  • Universal measures during this time include ‘social distancing’ rules, public transport being methodically sanitized, companies asked to keep workers at home where it’s feasible to do so and to stagger work-day schedules at factories and offices; public parks and shopping centers/malls will only be allowed to host 25% of their full capacity.

Mexican Tourism will return gradually. States and destinations that rely on tourists are setting-out phased plans to reopen leisure services in the months ahead. A modest flow of domestic tourism is anticipated to resume this summer and it’s expected that international tourism will take longer to return. States and regions are still working out the details of how hotels, restaurants and other leisure activities can reopen. Mexico’s international tourism fair, Tianguis, has been rescheduled to spring 2021.

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