Recovery from coronavirus* 87%
Peak date*: 7/1/2020

This page contains information about the current situation with COVID-19 recovery in Nigeria.

Last update: 2020-08-25T16:46:39.4370000

There’s a nationwide curfew from 10 pm to 4 am and there are movement restrictions within and across state borders. It’s mandatory to wear a face mask in public spaces. Mass gatherings are prohibited. Limited domestic flights have resumed in Nigeria and international flights are due to start on 29 August. If you travel to Nigeria, you must have tested negative to COVID-19 in the previous fortnight as a condition of boarding. You’ll need to self-isolate for 14 days in Lagos or Abuja when you arrive, at your own cost. This can be at your home. All land borders are closed. If you overstay your visa because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, you won’t be penalized when you leave.

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