Recovery from coronavirus* 99%
Air traffic volume* 12%
Peak date*: 4/20/2020

This page contains information about the current situation with COVID-19 recovery in Singapore.

Last update: 2020-07-05T08:27:15.9300000

The government of Singapore, which has implemented enhanced screening and quarantine measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, has declared that from 23 March 2020, 11:59 pm short-term visitors are generally barred from entering or transiting through Singapore until further notice, with few exceptions. This order remains in effect.

  • Prospective short-term visitors seeking entry to Singapore can apply directly to Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority to seek advance approval for entry.
  • Transit may be possible for travelers with flights originating from certain countries and using certain airlines. Prospective travelers are advised to consult with their chosen airlines about transit permissions through Singapore.

Travelers entering Singapore who has been in the following countries/regions for the last consecutive 14 days will be able to serve their 14-day SHN at the lodging of their choice: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Mainland China, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Other travelers entering Singapore will be required to serve their 14-day SHN at a government-designated facility. The cost of this stay, estimated to be 2,000 SGD, is the responsibility of the traveler.

Travelers entering Singapore will also be required to obtain a COVID-19 test while serving their SHN. The cost is estimated to be up to 200 SGD and is the responsibility of the traveler.

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